Friday, March 19, 2010

IPL3. Day.9. Exxxtraaa Innings - Mongoose or a Mace

The talk after day 8, CSK Vs DD match was Haydo's Mongoose.

The Mongoose, a new batting weapon of mass destruction,which Hayden has been using in practice, but was reluctant to use in a match, was unleashed on poor Delhi Daredevils. Result a whirlwind 93 of 43 balls, with 9x4 and 7x6.

So much is talked about the mongoose, a bat which boasts of 43% longer handle and 33% shorter blade with 5 cms thick base. Ultimately a man has to wield it precisely. News made it appear the mongoose did the trick. Poor Hayden all his efforts went a waste.

Talking of the mongoose, and its innovation, I see nothing new. Does it not remind you of Bheema's mace, wielded effectively in all games including war games? In fact BCCI should contest this and register for a patent. Thereafter this could be effectively marketed by BCCI and the proceeds used for promoting HOCKEY
Here is a picture from the scriptures to prove my point. Bheema has just completed a full swing. Sharad Saheb and Manohar Saheb are u listening. :-)

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  1. Sir,
    With your short reviews, you have earned a fan in me. :) Comment on BCCI and hockey was awesome. :)