Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IPL3. Exxxtraaa Innings - Clever Aussie & Pommie

Oh! the clever Aussie & Pommie

As IPL3 drives in to the speed way, the Aussie and Pommies promptly arrive. To name a few Pommies and Aussies - Collingwood, Pietersen, David Hussey,Shaun Marsh, Bret Lee, Aaron Finch, Cameron White, George Bailey, the list can be endless. Mind you WC.T20 is just around the corner and the timing is just right for some match play, understand opponent players and styles, be match fit and peak at the right time and make money in the bargain too.
Hold your IPL, after an important schedule like WC T20. You will find all the contracted players play from match one irrespective of whether their country has an agenda of their own or not.
IPL Think & Act. After all you generate the money & you can definitely have your say. If the boards, come your way, do not worry all the players will tamely follow you. After all it is $$ $$MOOLAH $$

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