Monday, March 22, 2010

IPL3. Day 12- Exxxtraaa Innings - Pinky Pinky Ponky-

Breaking News:


An MCC representative, will this week end be in India to oversee IPL teams in action using pink cricket balls. The Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers will be undertaking practice sessions with the pink ball. MCC Law's and Universities manager Fraser Stewart will be supervising proceedings and collect feed back from players into the possibility using pink balls instead of white.

If this happens, it will open out further opportunities for IPL, in terms of higher viewership and revenue. IPL can contemplate

To make pitches in contrast colours say blue, Green, yellow so the the ball visibility becomes still better. New colourful pitches, will increase video footage. Result higher revenue again.

The bats now can change over their colours too. The bat colours can match the moods, like green for envy, yellow for fear etc. Use green bat, when batting in partnership with Tendulkar. Use Yellow bat say when facing Steyn or a Lee and their short pitched stuff thrown at 150 kmph.
( Yuvraj, Raina to note). Opportunities for ad companies to add colour to their footage. Increased viewership, monies again.

If you let your imagination to run wild, you could really think about many areas of interest.
Send me all your views so that I could consolidate and send them to IPL,BCCI,MCC.
Reported in coluor to match the mood. (Webdings)

Reported in colour to match the mood. (Arial)

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