Saturday, March 20, 2010

IPL3. Exxxtraaa Innings _ Healthcare the talk of the day

Wow look at the increasing injury list. Doctors & Physios are continuously at work.

Such a situation also brings in creative ideas for IPL4.

Here are some.

1. BCCI can construct their own hospitals preferably with in the stadia. Result value addition and more revenue.

2. Big names in Hospital Industry, Pharmas and Health care can now vie for franchise/ownership of teams. Result Uninterrupted business, and mileage

3. All BCCI & Member Associations can have free or subsidised medical care.

4. IPL commissioner can now look at getting in to bigger global league. Result higher rating.

5. Players can relax a bit, since they do not have to travel for medicare.

The ideas can be endless. Do u have something to add :-) :-)

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