Sunday, March 21, 2010

IPL3. Day 11. Exxxtraaa Innings _ Industrialisation IPL's next Mantra

Breaking News : 2 new IPL teams cost more than 8 earlier squads together.

Sahara India gets Pune for Rs.1702 crores and Rendezvous bags Kochi for Rs 1533 Cr. The auction of eight teams on Jan 2008 brought in Rs.2853 crores. The two franchisees have won the bid at Rs.3235 crores between them. Favourites Adani group and Videocon were pipped by the Sahara group and a consortium of real estate players brought together by Union minister Shashi Tharoor under the banner of Rendezvous Sports.

Moral of the story

IPL undoubtedly is an excellent business venture for BCCI la Modi.
Whether the franchisees make money or not is secondary. the gainer definitely is IPL .
Now BCCI and IPL management can look at becoming global by manufacturing Air crafts, Automobiles, Engineering goods, get in to infrastructure, and perhaps look at taking over Indian railways. Mamtaji watch out

To line up further free funds, they need to go public and offer their shares for a good market price. Merchant Bankers are u listening ? With so many die hard fans ( including me), the offer will probably create an all time unbreakable record. May be in due course they can be national decision makers leading to international decision making. Sharad Saheb are u listening.

Since all the cricket fans are likely to become share holders, with the dividend paid, they could reinvest in IPL tickets. Game for the enthusiast and revenue for IPL. It is a Win Win situation.
Franchisees also gain if not with monitory profits, thru trillion viewership publicity. Just look at the publicity for Preity, Shilpa, Sharukh, Juhi , who would have faded in to oblivion otherwise :-)

Viewership comments are welcome and let us take this to many. After all Bharat's growth is our growth :-)

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