Friday, April 30, 2010

FIDE. World Chess Championship- Sofia. Anand vs Topalov

Game.5. Drawn : Scores Anand 3 Topalov 2.

Playing Black, Anand slowly ground Topalov to a draw in 44 moves with a Slav Defense to lead by a solitary point at the end of game 5. The game was almost a replica of game 3, when Anand & Topalov, repeating the moves and ending in a draw.

Up to 14th, the moves were similar. Move 15th saw Anand pushing his King Rook Pawn, which was totally new and unexpected. By move 18th Topalov, seemed to have an edge, but Anand held on. By move 23rd, it was more or less clear that the game would move only towards a draw.
Anand will be playing whites again on Saturday. My gut feeling says that he would now slow down the sixth and seventh games and would go for the kill in 8th and 10th. Go Anand Go. We wish you Victory.

FIDE. World Chess Championship. Sofia, Anand vs Topalov

It is Chess time now, and how can we miss it with our own Visvanathan Anand in.

Game.1. Topalov took the first match playing white. Topalov opened with 1.d4. Anand adopted Gruenfeld Indian, which he used in most of the matches in 2009. Topalov, took the game to different levels by move 16, and by move 23 with a Rook lift Rf3 , exposed the fragile Black Castle. 29th Bb5 was replied by Qxe4, and Topalov finished of Rxc8 to take the match in 1 Hr 21 Mts.

Game.2. Anand takes the game playing white to tie at 1:1. Anand opened with Catalan. Topalov responded 4..dxc4, to create an imbalance. By move 15, the queens were exchanged, but the move of the match was a hasty Ne3 at 25 by Topalov, which perhaps costed him the match. Topalov's move to trade of Rooks was wisely declined by Anand, and by move 43, the game was Anand's in 1 Hr. 08 Mts.

Game.3. Drawn. Scores 1.5 : 1.5. In the third game Anand playing Black, dogged Topalov down to a draw.Topalov's self invoked Sofia Rule of no draws, came to a nought at the 46th move. It war a grand and calculated play by Anand, with only Bishops, Rooks and a Knight each after 13th. The game ended in a draw in 46th move in 1 Hr.07 Mts.
Game.4. Fourth game to Anand , Scores 2.5 : 1.5
Topalov saw another Catalan opening with Anand on white. Anad just ripped through Topalov's Queens side, by creating weakness in the pawn structure. By 18th move it was only Anand on board.The match was over by 32 nd move in just 21 Mts.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Exxxtraaa Innings - IPL.3. Three Best Shots

It has to be Harbhajan
Photographers had a great six weeks during IPL.3. Three shots which appealed to me most, representing Humour, Chivalry and Innovation, are here.

Yuvi at his best

Hayden and his Mongoose

ANY MORE CONTRIBUTIONS ?............. Signing off from IPL.3. Will see you at WC.T20.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

IPL.3.Day.44. Match.60.Grand Finals- Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians

Chennai Super Kings 168 for five beat Mumbai Indians 146 for 9 by 22 runs to take the DLF IPL Championship 2010, for the first time.
The match had all the ingredients of a grand final. Both the teams retained the winning combination of semi finals. Dhoni won the toss and elected to bat. The pitch was totally devoid of grass, and it was not a surprising decision to bat first. The only negative factor could have been the dew for the team fielding second. However there was no trace of any dew, in the two semi finals and batting first was the best choice.

Murali Vijay and Hayden started tentatively against some accurate start overs by Harbhajan, Zaheer and Malinga. Vijay was the first to go, when he mistimed a hook to be taken by Tiwary at deep midwicket of Fernando for 26 of 19. Hayden had two lives, before holing out to Ambatti Rayudu of Pollard for a scratchy 17 of 31. Badri was taken by Malinga of Fernando for 14 of 11. CSK's score stood at 68 for 3 in 12 overs.

Dhoni joined Raina at this stage, and they shared an excellent partnership of 72 runs made in 33 deliveries, before Dhoni was taken by Fernando of Zaheer for a well made 22 of 15. Morkel blasted his way for a 15 of 6 before being run out in the 20th over. Raina remained unbeaten on 57 of 35 along with Anirudh on 6 of 3. Mumbai Indians went for 88 runs of the last seven overs. The Mumbai Indians fielding was scratchy and the bowling at the death was unimaginative, excepting Malinga, who was his usual best. Fernando with, Zaheer and Pollard were amongst the wickets.

When Mumbai Indians batted, Shikar Dhawan was taken by Dhoni of Bollinger for nought. Tendulkar 48 of 45 and Abishek Nayar 27/26. , played cautiously to add 64 runs between them. Tendulkar was at his usual best in spite of an injured webbing in the right hand. Mumbai Indians got their batting order wrong, sending Harbhajan 1 of 2 ahead of inform Tiwary 0 of 2, Rayudu 21 of 14, and Duminy 6 of 7.

When Harbhajan perished, 90 runs were required of seven overs. Pollard was pushed to the last slot of recognised batsmen, and though he scored a blistering 27 of 10, the required asking rate was too much to boot. Perhaps Pollard ahead of Duminy, would have turned the tables. It was not to be and Mumbai Indians folded for 146 for nine at 20 to lose the championship by 22 runs. Chennai Super Kings bowled and fielded brilliantly. The catches of Vijay, Raina, Jakati and Hayden were each worth a Karbon Kamal prize.

Bollinger , Morkel, Jakati , Muralitharan and Raina, were amongst the wickets, and more importantly took them at regular intervals. Mumbai Indians the best team in view during the entire tournament, were humbled in the finals. CSK have been through pressure situations more often and have come out successfully, compared to Mumbai Indians. This was the final difference between success and failure.

Three top teams will now play the Champions League at South Africa. Don't be surprised, if one of them turn out to be the ultimate champions. 44 days, sixty matches, IPL3. was a grand success. All the fears of security were allayed by excellent coordination. From the next IPL, Australians or Englishmen who nominally crib over small issues, will be determined to play with out much ado.

Bye for now & look forward to the WC.T20. to be played at West Indies.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

IPL3.Day.43.Match.59. Position 3 Play Off. Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers

The play off match for Championship League qualification and position three, between Deccan Chargers and Royal challengers, was a tame affair.

Deccan Chargers batting first, on a slow wicket of low bounce , were spun out by Anil Kumble for a meagre 82 in 18.3 overs. The veteran spinner opening the bowling attack with Praveen Kumar, mesmerised the Deccan Chargers batsmen for a wonderful spell of

Praveen, bowled his four overs continuously & knocked out Manish Mishra and Rohi Sharma for no scores. Anirudh 40 of 39 and Venugopal 24 of 27 offered some resistance. It was all over when Anirudh fell and 7,8,9 & 10 fell at the score of 82. Steyn, Kallis & N.Doshi were the other wicket takers. Deccan Chargers did not show any application playing on a slow wicket. May be the loss to Chennai Super Kings in a low scoring match was at the back of their mind and they never came out of it.
To score 83 to win at 4.15 runs per over was a test match situation, and there couldn't have been more suited players than Dravid and Kallis with Pietersen to follow. They did a clinical job with Kallis scoring 19 of 32, Dravid unbeaten 35 of 30 and Pietersen, who finished the match with a six, unbeaten 29 of 23. Royal Challengers made 96 for 1 in 13.5 overs and won the match by nine wickets. Rahul Sharma was the lone wicket taker.
Royal Challengers have qualified for the Champion League T.20, along with Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, who would be crossing swords, at the same venue on Super Sunday, 25.4.2010, for the title.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IPL.3. Day.41. Match.58. Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers - Semi Final II

If Mumbai Indians won the first semi finals by a big margin of 35 runs, Chennai Super Kings went one better and won the second semifinals against Deccan Chargers by 38 runs.

On a lively wicket, with seam and bounce, Chennai Super Kings opting to bat first, were three wickets down for 29 in a jiffy. Hayden failed again, in spite of getting two lives at zero and four.

Vijay and Raina followed him quickly. A sedate 52 runs partnership between Dhoni 30 of 32 and Badri 37 of 41 helped Super Kings to rebuild an innings. Dhoni's departed at 81 and was quickly followed by Morkel 4 of 4. Srikkanth Anirudh made a decent 24 of 15. Chennai Super Kings folded out for 142 for 7 in 20.

Harris was brilliant with Symonds,Ojha and Harmeet Bisla were the other wicket takers. Bisla has been most impressive in the end overs throughout the tournament. With a bit of support, he can be groomed in to a front line T.20 bowler.

In a pressure situation, low scores are never easy. Bollinger bowled with fire and downed Gilchrist and Suman early. Rohit followed, caught by Murali of Morkel for 2, and DC were precariously placed at 37 for 3 in seven. They never recovered and were bowled out for 104 in 19.2 overs. Symonds 23 of 22, Gibbs 18 of 26, Sumanth 16 of 18 and Harris 15 of 8 contributed to the team total. Bollinger was at his brilliant best. Ashwin, Morkel, Muralidharan , Jakati and Raina all picked up wickets.

Both the semi finals have been won by good margins. The final is scheduled for 25th April. Both the teams will slug it out for the title. Mumbai Indians appear to have a slight edge due to their all round ability. But Chennai Indians have proved in the last two matches, they handle the pressure situation better.

May the better team on the day win. Whoever wins, the ultimate winner will be the game itself.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IPL.3. Day.40. Match.57. Semi Final I - Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers

Mumbai Indians 184 for 5 trounced Royal Challengers 149 for 9 in the semifinals at Navi Mumbai, by 35 runs, to enter the final for the first time in the Indian Premier League.

Batting first, Mumbai Indians lost Tendulkar for 9, Shikar Dhawan for 12 . A 39 run partnership between Abhisek Nayar and Ambatti Rayudu brought in some sort of respectability, before Abhishek Nayar was caught by Kumar of Pietersen for 22 of 18. Duminy followed Nayar soon after and Mumbai Indians were in deep trouble at 77 for 4 in 9.3 overs. Ambatti Rayudu and Saurab Tiwari were involved in a 67 run partnership of 49 deliveries, before Rayudu was taken by Steyn for a well made 40 of 38 deliveries. Only 144 runs on board with 17.4 overs consumed was not a very good position to be in against a strong batting line up of the Royal Challengers. Pollard who walked in at this stage had other ideas. He carted all the bowlers around for a quickfire 33 of 13 balls with Tiwary remaining unbeaten on 52 of 31 deliveries. Mumbai Indians finished with a healthy 184 for 5. Steyn with two , Kumble & Pietersen with one each were amongst the wickets.
To score over 9 runs per over, against a strong bowling attack is always difficult, and that is what happened. Royal Challengers were never in the game and lost wickets at regular intervals. Other than Dravid 23 of 22, Uthappa 26 of 13, Pietersen 19 of 14 and Taylor 31 of 30, there were no notable contributions or partnerships. Royal Challenegrs folded to a 149 for 9 in their twenty overs to lose by 35 runs. Pollard, Malinga and Harbhajan tore through the Challengers batting line up. Zaheer and Fernando gave active support.
Mumbai Indians have entered their maiden IPL finals, where they await the winners of Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers. Mumbai Indians appear to be the champion team at this stage.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IPL-Exxxtraaa Innings- It is not humorous

I feel sorry that I am a keen follower of the game, and is passionate about it. The whole affair of T.20 presented as Indian Premier League is getting murkier & murkier.It has now gone from sports to dirty politicking. Cricket is played with in the boundary lines.But what's happening is that it is played everywhere else other than the ground. Spectators, Cricket followers, genuine sponsors will lose interest.

The game of Cricket has been drowned in a muck called Premier League. It is no more cricket. It is a fact that , cricketers, who would otherwise gone unnoticed and lived in poverty, had a chance, opening and lively hood. Poor devils they have been used as a front , to cover all the uncharitable activity happening within.
Media have a whale of a time. Since the news channels do not have the telecast rights of IPL, they are playing the Tharoor - Modi spat to gain a few TRP's. Member's of Parliament are elected to lead a nation in the growth path. Can you imagine session after session of valuable Parliament time, which should be used for growth, is wasted on nothing, but promoting self.

Am I a fool to be taking keen interest in the game ? Some times I wonder ! The fact however is that the game is beyond everything, and will find itself a way out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

IPL3. Day.39. Match.56. Mumbai Indians vs Kolkatta Knight Riders.

In a dud match of no consequence, Kolkatta Knight Riders 135 for one beat Mumbai Indians 133 for 8. by nine wickets.

Mumbai Indians rested Sachin, Malinga, Pollard, Zaheer, Harbhajan, to keep them fresh for the knockout semi finals. Saurab Tiwary 46 of 37, J.P.Duminy 19 of 27 and Ambatti Rayudu 27 of 15 contributed to then team total. Shane Bond with 2 for 24, and Murali Kartik with 2 for 20, bowled well. Dinda and Unadkat captured a wicket each.

Kolkatta Knight Riders playing for pride, were given a steady start by Ganguly 42 of 36 and McCullum an unbeaten 57 of 56. They put on 97 runs ain 13.5 overs. David Hussey joined McCullum and with 20 of 14, completed the formalities of scoring 135 for one to give KKR,
its seventh victory. KKR registerd its first victory in six meetings with Mumbai Indians.
So it is Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challenegrs & Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers in the semi finals. Any team can take the title. But my vote goes for Mumbai Indians.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

IPL.3.Day.38. Match55. Deccan Chargers Vs Delhi Daredevils

Deccan Chargers 145 for 7 beat Delhi Daredevils 134 for 7 by 11 runs, to snatch the second place at the top of the order.
Deccan Chargers winning the toss, batted first and put up a not too good score of 145 for 7 in 20 overs.Monish Mishra 25 of 19, and Andrew Symonds 54 of 30 were the main contributors. Nehra with 2 for 32 , Yadav with 2 for 24, Amit Mishra 1 for 28 and Paul Collingwood 1 for 23, were amongst the wickets.
Chasing smallish scores is always a trickish affair, and that's what happened. Delhi Daredevils fell short of the target by 12 runs, and folded to 134 for 7. Warner, Sehwag, Dilshan & Gambhir, the top four, who on their day could demolish any attack, jointly scored 28 runs. Collingwood 51 of 42, Mithun Manas 23 of 22 and Ashis Nehra 22 of 16, added some substance to Daredevils total.
Ojha and Harmeet picked up two wickets each . Mitchell Marsh and Chaminda Vas picked up a wicket each.
Mumbai Indians, Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers occupy the top four slots. Kolkatta Knight Riders, need a huge victory in their final match against Mumbai Indians to knock Royal Challengers out. This appear to be a tall order. But this is T.20 and anything is possible.

IPL.3. Day.38. Match.54. Kings XI Vs Chennai Super Kings

In a Humdinger of a match, Chennai Super Kings, 195 for 4 in 19.4 overs, beat Kings XI, Punjab 192 for 3, by six wickets to assure themselves of a semifinal berth.

Dhoni won the toss and invited Sangakara to bat first on a feather bed of a wicket. Mahela gave an explosive start of 21 of 8 balls, carting Tyagi to all parts of the ground, in the first over. Mahela fell to a Karbon Kamal catch by Tyagi, of the bowling of Albie Morkel. Sangakara, and Shaun Marsh then added 56 runs of 49 deliveries before Sanga perished for 33 of 24, bowled by Ravi Ashwin. Yuvraj did nothing of note falling to an indiscreet sweep of Raina's bowling.

Irafan Pathan joined Shaun Marsh and was involved in a record unbroken 99 run partnership of 48 deliveries. Shaun made an entertaining 88 of 57 and Pathan clouted his way for 44 of 27. In the last five overs Kings XI smashed 61 runs & finished with a fighting score of 192 for 3. Morkel, Ashwin and Raina picked up a wicket each.

Chennai team lost Hayden and Murali Vijay early. Raina made a brisk 46 of 27 and in the company of Badrinath 53 of 26, added 62 of 34 balls before holing out to Karan Goel of Theron's bowling. Dhoni came in and started sedately. At 148 Badri fell stumped by Sangakara of Chawla's, wideish delivery. Badri and Dhoni added 59 but consumed 42 deliveries.

Chennai Super Kings were precariously place at this stage, requiring 53 of 20 deliveries. Morkel joined Dhoni and made a quick 14 of 8. But it was Dhoni all the way from the 19th and 20th over, taking Super Kings to a memorable victory with two balls to spare , making 53 of 36 to be the Man Of The Match.

Super Kings, got away from Jaws of defeat, through a steller performance. Mumbai Indians should now wish that they do not meet them, in Semis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

IPL.3. Day.37. Match.53. Rajasthan Royals Vs Kolkatta Knight Riders

Jaydev Unadkat's brilliant supported by Ashok Dinda's, restricted Rajasthan Royals to a modest 132 for 9 in 20 overs. Kolkatta Knight Riders riding on a fine 111 partnership in 80 balls, between Ganguly and Pujara, made 133 for 2 in 16.1 overs to win by eight wickets.

After a reasonable start by Watson 44 of 26 and N.Ojha 18 of 22, Royals lost wickets at regular intervals to indiscreet shots. The catch by Ganguly running backwards and taking the ball tumbling down, to dismiss Yusuf Pathan was a masterpiece. Finch with 21 of 21 and Faiz Fazal with 13 of 13 were the only other double figure scorers. Shane Bond,Murali Kartik and Lakshmi Shukla shared a wicket each.
Kolkatta Knight Riders lost Gayle and McCullum, taken in the first over of Kamran Khan. Ganguly and Chetan Pujara with an unbroken partnership of 111 of 80 deliveries, took KKR through . Ganguly made 75 of 50 and Pujara 45 of 38.
Rajasthan Royals missed the top four berth. Knight Riders, though won the match are poorly placed in their net run rate. Chennai Super Kings to play against Kings XI, Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils to face each other have a better run rate.
KKR can squeeze through if
1. Deccan Chargers lose by a big margin to Delhi Daredevils.
2. Chennai Super Kings Lose to Kings XI
3. KKR beat Mumbai Indians.
There are too many ifs and buts, but you never know !!

IPL.3.Day.37.Match.52. Mumbai Indians Vs Royal Challengers

Royal Challengers final league game against the Mumbai Indians, at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, was delayed by about an hour, due to low intensity blasts just out side the stadium just before the start of the match. The match, though delayed, was started without any reduction in overs, and all the spectators were ushered in to witness the match as if nothing had happened.

There was no panic and indeed it was a positive sign. whether it was a terror attack or a buffoon's pranks, such a positive approach will make anybody think before committing such an act in future. The broadcasters as usual had a field day with video footage, noisy commentaries etc. When will these guys put a stop to such foolhardy, and be more responsible broadcasters, instead of looking at only viewer rating ? We have had enough. Thank God unlike earlier times, when such things become global news, the match started with out giving a damn.
The match was a one sided affair. Mumbai Indians the champion team till now went about their job methodically and put up 191 for 4. Good contributions came from everyone. McLaren 40 of 42, Sachin 19 of 18, Ambatti Rayudu 46 of 27, Kevin Pollard 20 of 7 and K.P.Duminy with an unbeaten 42 of 19, all contributed.Steyn bowled at his pacy best for Kallis with 2 for 42, Kumble 1 for 38 and Pietersen 1 for 10 were the other wicket takers.
In reply the Royal Challengers went down tamely for a low 134 for nine, and loosing the match by a massive margin of 57 runs. Other than Virat 37 of 24, no one else did anything of note. Pollard and Harbhajan tore through Challengers batting line up. finishing with and respectively. Other wicket takers were Zaheer and McLaren with one each.The position of RC, will be decided by the final matches. If one have to go by the current run rate, It will be MI, DD,RC & CSK in that order.

Mumbai Indians is now a good alround team and match after match, they are performing as a team, astutely lead by Sachin Tendulkar. T.20 is a very funny game, when matches can change with in a over. Let us wish this does not happen to Mumbai Indians in their Semi Finals or Finals and they go all the way. This team deserves the IPL.3. title.

Friday, April 16, 2010

IPL.3.Day.36. Match.51. Kings XI Vs Deccan Chargers

Kings XI Punjab 174 for 3 lost to Deccan Chargers 178 for 5 by five wickets, at Dharmsala

The pitch appeared lively with green patches, and Deccan Chargers winning the toss promptly elected to field to get the best out of a fresh wicket. Their calculations were going fairly smooth till the 15th over. Though not many wickets were lost, Kings XI could not score at a brisk pace. The end overs again haunted the chargers and last ten overs yielded 102 for two wickets. In fact the last five yielded 71 for one wicket.
For Kings XI, Marsh went for a duck. Sangakara joined Mahela and batted only as he can, for a fluent 50 of 37. Mahela played the supporting role at the other end. Mahela's first fifty was a patient affair paced at run a ball. Thereafter he went berserk and clouted the next 41 from just 12 deliveries, finishing with an unbeaten 93 of 62. R.P.Singh went for 35 runs in his last two overs. Harris gave away 19 in his last over and the team's 19th. Deccan Chargers definitely missed Harmeet Singh Bansal, the tall lad with a brisk pace. Gilchrist tried seven bowlers . Harris, R.P and Rahul Sharma picked a wicket each.

Deccan Chargers lost Gilly early again. Thereafter every batsman excepting Symonds contributed to the team's cause. Mishra 20 of 21, T.Suman 43 of 31 & Mitch Marsh 15 of 11 played good supportive roles. But the player who took the Chargers through was Rohit Sharma who played good copy book but aggressive cricket to remain unbeaten on 68 of 38 balls. Malik, Irfan, Theron,Piyush and Yuvi picked up a wicket each.

With 14 points each, Deccan Chargers will meet Delhi Daredevils with 14 points. With Chennai Kings lurking at 12 points, but with a game against Kings XI, it is any body's semis.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

IPL3. Day.35.Match.50. Chennai Super Kings Vs Delhi Daredevils

Chennai Super Kings 112 for 9 lost to Delhi Daredevils113 for 4 by six wickets in the nineteenth over.

Batting first, in a devil of a wicket where the ball was spinning viciously and keeping low from ball one, Chennai Super Kings made 112 for 9. There was hardly any batting display of note. Badri with 30 of 28 and Bollinger with an unbeaten 16 of 14 , were instrumental in Super Kings crossing the three figure mark.

Even Sehwag and Dilshan's bowling reminded one of Shane Warne or Murali in a wearing wicket. Good starts were given by Nannes & Nehra Mishra bowled for, but fielded poorly dropping sitters. Dilshan and Sehwag had magical figures of and

On such a worn wicket, Super Kings strategy of not picking Murali is debatable. Ashwin and Bollinger shared the new ball, and in no time Delhi Daredevils were looking down the barrel at 38 for 4. At this stage on a deadly wicket, it was anybody's game. Kartik fell for 13 of 16. Mithun Manas joined Gambhir and both played sensibly for an unbroken 5th wicket partnership of 75, which saw Delhi Devils score over by six wickets.
Gambhir was at his best scoring 57 of 56 and Manas a patient 25 of 32. There can not be a better player of spin bowling than Gambhir. Ashwin, Bollinger and Jakati shared the wickets. Super Kings definitely felt the absence of Murali. In a low scoring match almost going to the wire, Murali's four overs would have made the difference between defeat and victory for Super Kings.
With 50 of the 58 games completed, we are yet to see the the final combination of the last four. Royal Challengers & Delhi Daredevils seem reasonably safe, but the end games will have their say.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MTPL-Exxxtraaa Innings- Breaking News.

Breaking News:
McMahon, the effervescent chief of WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment), was seen recently at MTPL Head Quarters.
When contacted Mr.McMahon conveyed his appreciation over the recent MTPL activity and was all praise for their dramatics. Mr.McMahon opined that the WWE with a world wide coverage, is nowhere near the MTPL in terms of dramatics and action. He was keen on talking to the MTPL bosses Tharoor and Modi, for covering the MTPL action and broadcasting them in between WWE action matches, instead of commercials. He saw an immense trade opportunity, which may run to Trillions of Dollars.
The MTPL spokesmen were not available for their comments. Apparently they are keeping it as a close secret to be let out at an opportune moment.

Exxxtraaa Innings- MTPL- Day1. Match1. Tharoor Vs Modi

Modi Tharoor Premier League was inaugurated with all fanfare. There were fire works, laser shows, wrestling bouts and total fun & frolic at the inaugural function. IPL3, Inaugural looked an insignificant affair in comparison.

In an inspiring inaugural match, Tharoor tied with Modi. Even the super over failed to bring in any results. The first match was declared as a super tie. Man of the match, Karbon Kamal catch, DLF sixer were shared equally between the two.

Each team exhibited its brand of Batting ( threats & counter threats), Bowling ( Howlers & Gossips) & fielding ( Glamour) to the utmost degree. No quarter was given or asked. End result greatest tie of all times in Match.1 .

Unlike IPL3. there seem to be no fixed fixture for number of matches. It would be interesting to see, who would be the ultimate winner. When contacted, BCCI officials came up with a statement that MTPL is outside BCCI, ICC purview. However they added that tournaments like MTPL, keeps the game alive and now we have a more interesting brand of cricket, after ODI and T.20.
BCCI & ICC would promote more such tournaments in future, and also would rate the tournaments, in the order of merit. ECB & ACB lamented that this is another, move by the sub continent Cricket bosses particularly BCCI, to garner glory using their money power.

IPL3. Day.34. Match.49. Rajasthan Royals Vs Royal Challengers

Royal Challengers 132 for 5 in 15.4 overs beat Rajasthan Royals 130 for 6 by five wickets.

In another one sided match, Royal Challengers restricted the Royals for a meagre 130 for 5 in their allotted 20 overs. A late order bravado by Raut 32 not out, and Voges 28 not out, took the Royals to the three figure mark. Otherwise, it was a spineless display by the Royals. Of the Royal Challengers bowlers, Pankaj Singh the Udaipur boy, bowled intelligently for his two wickets for 27. Steyn, Kallis and Vinay Kumar picked up a wicket each.

The Challengers went about their task methodically. Pietersen 62 of 29 and Uthappa 26 of 21, made the job easy. Challengers achieved the target in 15.4 overs. Trivedi with 2 for 32, Kamran Khan with 1 for 30 and Warne with 1 for 28 were among the wickets.

As the IPL3 is nearing completion, the worrying factor is other than Zaheer, Harbhajan, Raina,Dhoni, Vinay Kumar & Praveen Kumar, no other player selected for WC T20-2010, has shown any consistency. Yusuf , Dinesh Kartik and Nehra have performed in patches. Yuvraj, Piyush, Ghambir, Sehwag & Rohit Sharma have done nothing of note.

Keep your fingers crossed and let us hope, they peak at the right time, and get back the T20. World Cup to India.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IPL3. Day.33. Match.48. Kolkatta Knight Riders Vs Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings 141 for 1 in 13.3 overs annihilated Kolkatta Knight Riders 139 for 8 , by nine wickets, to get in to the second position in the table, at the end of twelve games apiece.

Batting on a good batting track, Kolkatta Knight Riders could never recover from a disastrous start of 19 for 4, and finished the 20 overs tamely at 139 for 8. Main contributions came from Manoj Tiwary 27 of 31 and Angelo Mathews 48 of 48. For Chennai team, Ashwin bowled superbly to finish with Bollinger with, gave him ample support. Jakati, Murali and Raina picked up a wicket each.

To chase small scores is always a dicey issue. But it was not to be for the Chennai team. Propelled by a record unbroken second wicket stand of 137 runs in 78 balls, between Raina 78 of 39 and Murali Vijay 50 of 40, Chennai Super Kings decimated Knight Riders with 143 for 1 in just 13.3 overs. A clinical performance indeed. Gayle with was the only wicket taker. Every one else went for plenty.

Super Kings have jumped to the second slot from 6th, and are better placed for the last four spot. At the end of twelve games each, five teams are at twelve points each. The next two rounds will dish out exciting games, and it is good for spectator interest and the game.

IPL3. Day.33. Match.47. Mumbai Indians Vs Delhi Daredevils.

Mumbai Indians 188 for 4 beat Delhi Dardevils 144 for 7 by 39 runs, to extend their lead at the top of the table.

Batting first, all Mumbai Indian batsmen in contributed with the bat. Madan made 15 of 19, Sachin 30 of 26, Ambatti Rayudu 24 of 21& Saurab Tiwary 38 of 28. But the most exciting feature of the match was the unbroken 50 run partnership between Duminy 21 of 14 and Pollard 45 of 13. In the partnership, Duminy's contribution was a mere five to Pollard's 45.The 20th over by McDonald yielded 25 runs and in the last five overs, 75 runs were scored off. Nehra with 1 for 30, Sangwan 2 for 35 and McDonald 1 for 42 were the wicket takers.

Delhi Daredevils surrendered meekly making just 144 for 7 loosing by 39 runs. Other than Warner's 31 of 15 at the top and unbeaten 33 of 31 by McDonald down the order, no other score is worth a mention. Fernando with 2 for 32, Harbhajan 1 for 24 and Ali Murtuza with 2 for 18 were among the wickets.

Who are going to join Mumbai Indians in semis, is still an unsolved mystery.

Monday, April 12, 2010

IPL3.Day.32. Match.46. Deccan Chargers Vs Royal Challengers

Deccan Chargers 151 for 6 beat Royal Challengers 137 all out, by 14 runs.
Batting first on a track with seam and bounce, Deccan Chargers lost three quick wickets of Gibbs, Gilchrist and Suman in a Steyn's outstanding first spell. A 82 runs partnership between Mishra 41 of 30 and Rohit Sharma 51 of 46 , ended when Mishra was run out, Rohit Sharma not responding to a second run. Symonds made 19 of 20. Deccan Chargers ended their 20 overs with 151 for 6. Steyn bowled with venom for his Vinay and Kumble picked up a wicket each.

Royal Challengers lost Manish Pandey early. Dravid and Kallis steadied the innings, with Dravid making a quick 49 of 30 and Kallis 27 of 37. The loss of Kallis and Dravid opened the flood gates and Royal Challengers lost wickets at regular intervals. Other than Uthappa 34 of 20, Virat Kohli, Cameron White & Taylor contributed virtually nothing. Challengers were bowled out in the 20th over for 137 and lost the tie by 14 runs. It was a sustained bowling and catching effort by the Chargers. Harris 2 for 33, R.P.Singh 2 for 21, P.Ojha 2 for 22, Harmeet 2 for 24 and Symonds 1 for 33 , were all among wickets.

This match proved, T 20 is as much a bowler's game as batsmen. What is required is a disciplined approach in bowling, which the Charger's exhibited to day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

IPL3. Day 29 & 30. Match Nos.41,42 & 43

I was away on a short holiday and could not review matches in time.

Summary of results.

Match No.41: Mumbai Indians Vs Kings XI Punjab, Played at Mohali.
Mumbai Indians 154 for nine lost to Kings XI Punjab 158 for four by six wickets.
Match No. 42 : Chennai Super Kings Vs Deccan Chargers played at Nagpur
Chennai Super Kings 138 for 8 lost to Deccan Chargers 139 for 4 by six wickets

Match No. 43 :Kolkatta Knight Riders Vs Royal Challenegers played at Bengaluru
Kolkatta Knight Riders 160 for 9, lost to Royal Challengers 162 for 3, by seven wickets.

IPL3. Day 31 Match 45. Mumbai Indians Vs Rajasthan Royals.

Mumbai Indians 174 for 5 beat Rajasthan Royals 137 for 8 by 37 runs at the Sawai Man Singh Stadium, Jaipur.

Playing at their home turf, Rajasthan Royals crumbled to a 37 runs loss to Mumbai Indians.It was the master again for Mumbai Indians. Leading from the front, Sachin made an unbeaten 89 of 59 deliveries, well supported by Duminy 31 of 32 and Pollard 25 of 13. When Tiwary's wicket fell, Mumbai Indians were tottering at 3 for 30 of 3.5. Sachin stood solidly at one end, and was well supported by Duminy and Pollard. Watson with 3 for 37, Dole with 1 for 34 and Trivedi with 1 for 35 were amongst the wickets.

A score of 171 was always a winning one, with Zaheer, Malinga and Harbhajan to bowl. That's what exactly happened. Zaheer with, Malinga and Harbhajan with, always kept the Royals in check. Foolish run outs added to Royals woe. If your side looses 3,4 and 5 for run outs for nothing, recovery is almost impossible. Royals were floored for their lowest score of 137 for 8, at SMS Jaipur and lost the match by 37 runs.


IPL3. Day.31. Match 44. Delhi Daredevils Vs Kings XI

Kings XI Punjab 112 for 3 in 18.4 overs, beat Delhi Daredevils 111 all out by seven wickets at Kotla.

On a crumbling track, totally not suitable for a twenty twenty game, Delhi Daredevils, batting first crashed to a 111 all out in 19.4 overs. No worthwhile contribution from any one. Gambir made 26 of 12 and promptly ran himself out. He has made it a practice of sorts and is getting repeatedly run out. Gary Kirsten and Mahi need to talk to him on this issue before the WC T20. Mithun 26 of 28 and Kartik 17 of 35 were the other contributors. Irfan Pathan with 3 for 24 and Piyush Chawla 2 for 16 bowled well.

Kings XI Punjab, batted solidly for a change, and won with more than a over to spare. Good contributions from Mahel 38 of 35, Sangakara 33 of 30 and Yuvi 21 of 25, saw them through.

Collingwood with 2 for 19 and Mishra 1 for 15 were amongst the wickets. A good performance by the Kings XI. But is the recovery coming very late ?

The points table is becoming murkier, and difficult to predict. Whale of a time for Bookies and Betters.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

IPL.3. Day.28. Match.40. Royal Challengers Vs Deccan Chargers

Deccan Chargers 186 for 3 , beat Royal Challengers 184 for 6, by seven wickets.

Suman 78 not out of 57 & Symonds 53 not out of 24, were at their supreme best, as they guided Deccan Chargers to a well deserved victory. Their unconquered 91 run partnership, could not have come at a better time.

Batting first on a good batting track, which offered initial movement to the quickies, Royal challengers were guided by 68 of 44 by Kallis and an entertaining 58 of 35 by Virat Kohli to finish at a fighting 184 for 6. The last six overs fetched 92 runs to the Royal Challengers as Harris and R.P.Singh were carted in their final overs. Ojha bowled well for his Harris with two , Mitchel Marsh & Symonds with a wicket each were the other contributors. With a strong bowling line up, and Deccan Chargers not very consistent in their past, a victory to Royal Challengers appeared a certainty.

For Chargers, Mishra fell early. Suman and Gilchrist played sensibly and and score at mid way was 81 for one. Two quick wickets of Gilchrist and Rohit Sharma slowed the pace a bit during mid overs. From the thirteenth over when the score was 102 for 3, Symonds took over as only he can. With Suman carrying on well at the other end, Deccan Chargers paid back the challengers in the same coin. From 117 for 3 at 15th, 69 runs were added in the last five overs.
Symonds finished the game majestically, with two consecutive sixes.

Which teams are going to join Mumbai Indians in the last four is any body's guess.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IPL3. Exxxtraaa Innings _ Virtuous and Valorous

What if some cricketers do not perform with the bat or a ball. They keep the spectators in the stadium and the millions of viewers world over, spell bound, with their other virtues.

Shantakumaran Sreesanth:
What if I bowl a wayward length and line? I keep motivating the opposition by bowling any number of no balls . Result a free hit and all the spectators & TV viewers are enthralled.I keep ICCI, BCCI, and the Cricket Mandarins, engaged , with my hand clapping episodes, sobbing episodes, cursing episodes , in fact the list is endless. Who says I am not talented ?

Piyush Chawla:
What if I bowl long hops, half volleys, full tosses? Are they not supposed to be a spinner particularly a wrist spinner's forte? Even Kumble , Warne & Murali (all so called best in business) used to do it. In fact they used to use these weapons only rarely. My competence permits me to use them as often as possible, some times even six balls a over. That's the reason why I have been selected for WC.T20, 2010 yaar.

Ashish Nehra:
So what if I am injury prone and take more time to recover? Do I not make it easier for the team management in team selection by not being available at the eve of the match. Consider the virtues man, I become completely fit at the time of the Indian Selection. How many cricketers have this utmost capacity?

Yuvraj Singh:
In the group of drab looking cricketers in a team, you require some charm man. That's why I am in. Mind you cricket is played both in as well as out side the stadium. Who can be a better entertainer outside, particularly in parties? Why do you think the selectors are called as wise men? They know my virtues yaar. Balle Balle !!

IPL3. Day.27. Match.39. Kolkatta Knight Riders Vs Delhi Daredevils

In a inspired performance, Kolkatta Knight Riders 181 for 3 beat Delhi Daredevils 167 for 8, by 14 runs.
It was Ganguly's day again at Eden Gardens. He batted well for his 56 of 46, effected run outs, caught very well in the outfield and lead the team from the front. His team backed him well and they performed as a well knit unit.
Gayle made a brisk 40 of 23. Good support from M.Tiwary 26 of 13 and Angelo Mathews 46 of 28, helped KKR who were 153 for 3 in the 18th over to finish with a flourish scoring 28 runs of the last two overs. For Delhi Daredevils, Vettori and Rajat Bhatia chipped in with a wicket each.

The pitch was with even bounce and the ball was coming beautifully for stroke play. For Daredevils, with Warner, Sehwag, Gambhir and Collingwood in their ranks, 181 runs was always with in their reach. Dinda bowled with fire. In the first over wherein he just gave away a run, he castled Warner with a peach of a delivery. Gambhir and Sehwag then settled down , and the runs started flowing. Gambhir was run out for a well made 47 of 29 balls by a brilliant direct throw by Ganguly. Collingwood followed Gambhir without doing anything of note.

Agarkar who was expensive, brought one in to Sehwag and he was beaten by pace and was bowled. Sehwag made a pleasing 64 of 40. Wickets started falling at regular pace thereafter and the devils could finish only with 167 for 8 and lost the match by 14 runs. Dinda was the pick of the bowlers with Ajanta Mendis with 2 for 22 , Agarkar with 1 for 36 and Abdulla with 1 for 28 supported well.
Over all it was a good team effort and Ganguly is to be congratulated for marshaling his men well.

IPL3. Day.27. Match.38. Kings XI Vs Rajasthan Royals.

Rajasthan Royals 157 for 1 in 15 overs squarely beat Kings XI 153 for 6 by 9 wickets, in a one sided match.

Teams playing just for the heck of it need to be banned. Kings XI did exactly that at Jaipur, playing against Rajasthan Royals. We have to feel sorry for the paying public and the millions of viewers, for such a pathetic and sordid display.

In fact Kings XI started of well by winning the toss and electing to bat. When Bisla left at the fourth over Kings XI were at nine runs per over. Sangakara left immediately after the power play, needlessly playing a foolish shot.

Yuvraj seemed to be getting back to some sort of a form and with Mahela timing sweetly, Kings Xi seemed to be picking up for a reasonable score. Just as sixes and fours were flowing from their blades, Kings XI reverted back to their old ways.

Aditya Dole in his short span of six international matches, will never forget the day and the over, when he got both Yuvraj and Mahela out. From 103 for 2 after 11 overs, Kings XI folded to 153 for 6 in twenty overs. Aditya Dole, whom Warne had backed to the hilt, finished with Watson with and the work horse Siddarth Trivedi with

Rajasthan Royals started in style and finished in style. Michael Lumb and Naman Ojha batted brilliantly for 83 of 43 and 44 not out of 37 respectively. Lumb was taken by Bopara, and in strode Yusuf and completed the formalities with a quickfire 21 of 13. Royals finished the match with 157 for one in fifteen overs.

Sreesanth must have lost his marbles somewhere. A repeated defaulter, after being called for couple of clear no balls, Sreesanth ended the over by sarcastically clapping the batsman Lumb and then the Umpire. If IPL shows some consistency, the punishment should be a fine and a ban. If a player could be reprimanded, for commenting a team is ordinary, Sreesanth definitely deserves a capital punishment.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day.26. IPL.3.Match.37. Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians

In an absorbing game, Chennai Super Kings 165 for 4 beat Mumbai Indians 141 for 9 by 24 runs.

Winning the toss Dhoni promptly elected to bat, on a wicket expected to be slow and with low bounce. Riding on 35 of 31 by Hayden, 23 of 18 by Raina, 31 of 18 by Dhoni and 30 of 22 by Badrinath, CSK finished with a fighting score of 165 for 4. Pollard with, Abu and Harbhajan were amongst the wickets. Zaheer was rested for the match.

Mumbai started sedately,. but were loosing wickets at regular intervals. Other than Tendulkar 45 of 35 and Harbhajan with a characteristic 31 of 23, no other batsmen did anything of note. Batting second was definitely difficult in a dusty wicket, but it was an of day for Mumbai Indians. Added to their woe, Tendulkar had to retire when things were looking good for them at 61 for 1.

When Tendulkar was back for batting, things were beyond repair for the Indians, and they finished at 141 for 9 in twenty overs, loosing by 24 runs. Tushara and Ashwin picketd up two wickets each. Bollinger, Tyagi, Jakati, Raina with a wicket each finished the tally. Over all it was a good team effort by the Chennai Super Kings , which took them through.

Chennai with ten points in ten games are better placed than Rajasthan Royals in net run rate and are at the fourth position. Other than Mumbai Indians, it can be any body's game for the top slots. The upcoming matches will be absorbing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

IPL.3. Day.25.Match.36. Rajasthan Royals vs Deccan Chargers

Rajasthan Royals 159 all out beat Deccan Chargers 157 all out in a nail biting finish at Nagpur.

Royals chose to bat on a wicket being used for the first time in IPL. The wicket was juicy at the initial overs and Harris & R.P Singh bowled with venom. Lumb and Ojha fell in an inspired over from R.P.Singh. Watson with a well made 58 and Faiz Fazal with 36, steadied the innings, before Faizal fell to the wiles of Ojha and the score read 94 for3. wickets thereafter fell steadily and Royals were all out for 159 in 19.5 overs. Harris , D.Smith and Harmeet bowled well. But the pick of the bowlers was R.P.Singh , who was accurate in his length and line and picked up 3 for 17 in his four overs.

With a score of 160 to get to garner two points, Deccan Chargers lost Laxman early caught at deep mid wicket by Yusuf of Dole. Gilchrist made a quick 34 before holing out to Lumb of Dole.Deccan Chargers were well placed at 86 for 2 at the mid stage and had to get 74 in ten overs. With Rohit playing well, Chargers appeared favourites at this stage.

The magician Warne thought otherwise, and he got rid of the entire middle order for almost nothing. . Anirudda Singh was taken for 9, Dwyne Smith for 4, Bilakhia for 2 and Ryan Harris for 2. What a spell. Warne finished with with thirteen dot balls. Dole with 4.o.42.2 and Trivedi, shared the spoils.

In the end scoring six runs of the last over bowled by Siddarth Trivedi, proved too much for the Chargers. Three wickets fell in the last over. A run out and two wickets by Trivedi and Chargers were bowled out for 157, loosing by two runs.

A good victory for the Royals as they move on to their favourite Sawai Man Singh Stadium . Things appear good for Royals.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

IPL3. Day.24. Match.35. Delhi Daredevils Vs Royal Challengers

Delhi Daredevils 184 for 5 beat Royal Challengers 147 for 9 by 37 runs. Bat first on winning the toss was the only choice in front of Gautum Gambhir, and he did just that. Virendra Sehwag and David Warner started in a sound note before Abhimanyu Mithun castled Sehwag for a well made 35 of 22. Warner was taken in the deep by Kohli for 33 of 22. Collingwood took charge thereafter and with a polished unbeaten 75 of 46, saw Delhi Daredevils to a good 184 for five. Appana with two wickets and Kumble and Mithun with a wicket each were the successful bowlers.

Requiring about nine runs an over,Royal Challengers had their task cut out. With quality batting line up strengthened further by the Newzelander Ross Taylor, the match was on. Excepting for Kallis and some lusty blows by Ross Taylior, the challengers were never in the fray and with 147 for nine , lost the match by a large margin of 37 runs. Sangwan and Amit Mishra bowled beautifully. Mishra became the highest wicket taker taking the Purple Cap. ( Incidentally, he did not find a place in WC.T20, since the selectors found Piyush better). Maharoof, Vettori and Bhatia shared a wicket each.

Delhi Daredevils are at the second slot after Mumbai Indians, and appear to be well on their way for last four slot.

IPL3. Day.24. Match.34. Kolkatta Knight Riders Vs Kings XI, Punjab

Kings XI Punjab 204/2, beat Kolkatta Knight Riders 200/3 by eight wickets in a high scoring match. Mahela Jayawardane, who played only because Shaun Marsh was declared unfit at the last moment, propelled Kings XI, Punjab to a memorable victory.

Ganguly's decision to bat first was vindicated after Knight Riders were of to a rollicking start. Ganguly went early for 36 of 31 and till the thirteenth over, Kings XI bowlers held their fort well. The runflow started from the 13th over and Chris gayle went berserk, particularly targeting Bopara. He hammered away 88 of 42. With Tiwary making a sensible 35 of 32 and Mathews and Hussey stroking away in the end overs, Knight Riders finished at a good 200 for 3. Irfan Pathan, Therron and Ramesh Powar took a wicket each. The WC.T20, select Piyush Chawla did not even complete his quota of four overs. He was beaten black & blue for In fact he has not been given the full quota of overs in quite a few matches, as he has been found wanting.

But it was Mahela's day and nothing could be taken away from him and he lead Kings XI to a memorable eight wicket victory with an unbeaten 110 of 59. After Bisla's early exit, Mahela had two good partnerships with Sangakara 38 of 22 and Yuvraj 33 not out of 16. Bond and Murali Kartik were the only wicket takers.

Kings XI Punjab may not be having any chance of making the semis. If they repeat today's form, they would be a handful for their opponents in the second half of IPL3.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

IPL3. Exxxtraaa Innings- WC T20- Indian Team

It is time, we questioned the Indian Cricket Team selectors on the basis of selection of team for WC.T20- 2010.
Do not give us the crap that IPL- T20, is not the basis for selection. Dear wise men, what other tournaments of note did you have to select a team? Why hold the IPL before WC?
Look at some of the selection
Yuvraj Singh : Lot of Flab, nothing of note.
Rohit Sharma : Lot of pat not an ounce of fact
Piyush Chawla : Baby faced only asset.
Asish Nehra : Lethargy is the strength

Not In:
Virat Kohli : Fire in the field.
Manish Pandey : What has he not done ( not only in IPL).
Robin Uhappa : Best middle order in current form.
Amit Mishra : Sorry mate you really missed the bus. Do not know why.
Murali Kartik : Can there be a better Left arm spinner, that too with county experience?

Cricket lovers should raise this issue.

IPL3. Day.23. Match.33. Mumbai Indians Vs Deccan Chargers

Mumbai Indians 178 for 5, in an sterling all round performance, beat Deccan Chargers 115 all out in 18.2 overs by 63 runs, to make sure of a semifinal berth.

Opting to bat first at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai Indians piled up a challenging 178 for five, mainly due to contributions by the youngsters Ambadi Rayudu 55 of 29 balls and Saurab Tiwary 44 of 35 balls. Pragyan Ojha bowled well again for

Deccan Charges, were skittled out for a paltry 115 in 18.2 overs, in a wicket that posed no devils. Zaheer, Harbhajan, Pollard, McLaren and Malinga, shared the wickets. Gilchrist 19, Gibbs 17, and Symmonds 21 contributed marginally, whereas VVS and Rohit flopped once again.

MI are in an invincible position at this stage with seven wins from eight games. There display match over match has been a team effort and professional. Go Indians Go, IPL3 appears to be yours.

IPL3. Day.23. Match.32. Chennai Super Kings Vs Rajasthan Royals

What a match. A belter of a wicket, 469 runs scored over 40 overs, 30 sixers and 40 fours, what more could one ask for. In a high scoring match at Chennai, Chennai Super Kings 246 for 5 beat Rajasthan Royals 223 for 5 by 23 runs.

Batting first on a batting beauty, Chennai Super Kings were given a rousing start. Hayden made a quick 34 of 21. Raina fell early for 13 of 7 again falling to Warne. Thereafter, Royals did not know what hit them. In a whirlwind partnership of 152 in 66 deliveries, Murali Vijay 127 of 56 and Albie Morkel 62 of 32, tore thru Royals attack. Warne used as many as seven bowlers and every one was taken to the cleaners. Watson with 2 for 47, Warne with 1 for 32 and Wagh with 1 for 16 were among the wickets. In the last six overs , 90 runs were plundered.

With a score of 246 staring at them, no one gave the Royals any chance and were expecting an one sided affair. But Lumb, Naman Ojha and Watson had other ideas. Naman Ojha with an unbeaten 94 of 55 and Watson with 60 of 25 nearly took them to the target. Crucial wickets of Watson, followed quickly by the wickets of Faizal and Jhunjhunwala, put an end to Royals trial.
Royals finished at 223 for 5 falling short by 23 runs.

For Super Kings Bollinger bowled superbly and finished with an amazing figures of in a game where nearly 500 runs were scored. Morkel took two and Tyagi one. Murali Vijay was declared the man of the match for his superb 127 of 56. Though, I do not wish to take anything away from Vijay's performance, my choice of Man of the Match would have been Bolinger, for his amazing bowling spell and catch of Yusuf taken Hussey style at the ropes.

Are the Australians practicing such catches. Bolinger's catch was an exact duplicate of the one taken by David Hussey, in KKR's match against Delhi Daredevils.

All the teams in WC T20, Watch out for the Aussies, they seem to have done their homework very well.

Friday, April 2, 2010

IPL3. Day.22. Match.31. Kings XI Punjab Vs Royal Challengers

Royal Challengers 184 for 4 in 19.1 overs, beat Kings XI Punjab 181 for 5 by 6 wickets.
For a change, almost all batsmen in Kings XI contributed to the total of 181 for 5. Bisla 28 of 26, Sangakara 45 of 27, Bopara 42 not out of 33, Yuvraj 36 of 20 and Irfan a whirlwind 16 of 5. were the main scorers. For Royal Challengers, Vinay Kumar,Steyn, Kallis and Kumble picked up a wicket apiece. Kallis was expensive at
181 appeared a pretty decent total to defend. Royal Challengers lost Kallis early caught by Bisla of Srivatsava for 9 of 10. Pandey made a decent 29 of 25, before he was unfortunately run out on his follow through. Kohli made a brilliant 42 of 26. Royal Challengers were looking down the barrel with 122 for 5 at 15 overs , with 60 to get in five overs. Twelve runs were added in the 16th over but Challengers lost Kohli. Uthappa joined Pietersen, and played as only he can. He blasted LEE to every part of the ground and made a sweet 22 of 8 deliveries. Lee went for 25 runs in his 3rd and team's 17th over. Challengers marched through with 184 for four with five balls to spare.
Kings XI performance was Pathetic, disastrous, spineless, add any number of adjectives. They fielded poorly, let go too many catches, the field placements and bowling changes were poor,and deserved to lose.
Woefully, Chawla, who has been very liberal in giving runs to bring in excitement, and Yuvraj Singh, who has been entertaining the spectators with his dancing display against short pitched deliveries are in the WC T20, where as Kohli, Manish Pandey and Uthappa ( let us not forget Amit Mishra) are not in. What an Irony. The Selectors definitely have to have some answers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

IPL3. Day 21. Match.30. Kolkatta Knight Riders Vs Deccan Chargers.

Kolkatta Knight Riders 181 for 6 beat Deccan Chargers 157 for 5 by 24 runs. Ganguly won the toss and elected to bat in an excellent Eden Gardens wicket.
Ganguly reminded every one of his heydays and batted only as he can to make 88 of 54 balls. David Hussey's 31 of 27 was the only other notable contribution. Jaskaran,Symmonds and Ojha were among wickets with two apiece. The highest paid player in IPL3. K.Roach was far too expensive with He was wayward in line & length and heavily contributed to Deccan Chargers loss.

Deccan Chargers were well in the hunt, with Gibbs 50 of 45 and Symmonds 45 of 37 batting as only they can. The fall of Gibbs at 121 for 3, choked the Chargers in the end overs and they could finish at 157 for 5, 25 short of the target.

Other than Mumbai Indians, it is difficult to predict the other three likely finishers for semi final slot. The second half of IPL 3 should be an exciting affair.

IPL3.- Exxxtraaa Innings-Mahabharat & Memsahib

Look what IPL3 has done to me. I am a wounded soldier now, after a dual with the memsahib in a domestic Mahabharat.

Over past two weeks, I have been very busy. Get up at 10 AM, hurried morning chores; 10.00 to 11.00 AM then newspaper and TV for IPL analysis; 11.00 AM to 12.00 noon. On the Internet, for views on my IPL blog; 12.00 to 1.30 PM. Short Lunch 1.30 PM to 2.00 PM.

From 2.00 PM to till close of play in front of TV, watching IPL3 matches as well as other related blah blah. In between the matches, back with my IPL blog to write my blah blah. After the close of play, back with IPL blog to give finishing touches. Conclude day, at 2 AM the next day, for bed.

Snacks, dinner, coffee, short eats were all served during TV viewing ( work time), by my you know who :). In fact life was very peaceful.

The trouble started, when the blog was on the face book and overnight there were lot of lady acquaintances in the face book, wanting to open up old lost contacts. Actually they were trying to hunt me down to stop the stupidity written as "Humour".

Uproar in the domestic front, and I was looked down upon as Krishna instead of Rama. A Mahabharat resulted, here I am wounded in the battlefield.
Anyway, I am a die hard fan of cricket, and as all cricketers, who continue to be on the job even when injured,or unfit, I will continue with the blah blah in the blog, till I decide to retire at an appropriate time.
Bye for Now, till we meet - Never Say Never Again