Friday, April 30, 2010

FIDE. World Chess Championship- Sofia. Anand vs Topalov

Game.5. Drawn : Scores Anand 3 Topalov 2.

Playing Black, Anand slowly ground Topalov to a draw in 44 moves with a Slav Defense to lead by a solitary point at the end of game 5. The game was almost a replica of game 3, when Anand & Topalov, repeating the moves and ending in a draw.

Up to 14th, the moves were similar. Move 15th saw Anand pushing his King Rook Pawn, which was totally new and unexpected. By move 18th Topalov, seemed to have an edge, but Anand held on. By move 23rd, it was more or less clear that the game would move only towards a draw.
Anand will be playing whites again on Saturday. My gut feeling says that he would now slow down the sixth and seventh games and would go for the kill in 8th and 10th. Go Anand Go. We wish you Victory.

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