Tuesday, April 20, 2010

IPL-Exxxtraaa Innings- It is not humorous

I feel sorry that I am a keen follower of the game, and is passionate about it. The whole affair of T.20 presented as Indian Premier League is getting murkier & murkier.It has now gone from sports to dirty politicking. Cricket is played with in the boundary lines.But what's happening is that it is played everywhere else other than the ground. Spectators, Cricket followers, genuine sponsors will lose interest.

The game of Cricket has been drowned in a muck called Premier League. It is no more cricket. It is a fact that , cricketers, who would otherwise gone unnoticed and lived in poverty, had a chance, opening and lively hood. Poor devils they have been used as a front , to cover all the uncharitable activity happening within.
Media have a whale of a time. Since the news channels do not have the telecast rights of IPL, they are playing the Tharoor - Modi spat to gain a few TRP's. Member's of Parliament are elected to lead a nation in the growth path. Can you imagine session after session of valuable Parliament time, which should be used for growth, is wasted on nothing, but promoting self.

Am I a fool to be taking keen interest in the game ? Some times I wonder ! The fact however is that the game is beyond everything, and will find itself a way out.

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