Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IPL3. Exxxtraaa Innings _ Virtuous and Valorous

What if some cricketers do not perform with the bat or a ball. They keep the spectators in the stadium and the millions of viewers world over, spell bound, with their other virtues.

Shantakumaran Sreesanth:
What if I bowl a wayward length and line? I keep motivating the opposition by bowling any number of no balls . Result a free hit and all the spectators & TV viewers are enthralled.I keep ICCI, BCCI, and the Cricket Mandarins, engaged , with my hand clapping episodes, sobbing episodes, cursing episodes , in fact the list is endless. Who says I am not talented ?

Piyush Chawla:
What if I bowl long hops, half volleys, full tosses? Are they not supposed to be a spinner particularly a wrist spinner's forte? Even Kumble , Warne & Murali (all so called best in business) used to do it. In fact they used to use these weapons only rarely. My competence permits me to use them as often as possible, some times even six balls a over. That's the reason why I have been selected for WC.T20, 2010 yaar.

Ashish Nehra:
So what if I am injury prone and take more time to recover? Do I not make it easier for the team management in team selection by not being available at the eve of the match. Consider the virtues man, I become completely fit at the time of the Indian Selection. How many cricketers have this utmost capacity?

Yuvraj Singh:
In the group of drab looking cricketers in a team, you require some charm man. That's why I am in. Mind you cricket is played both in as well as out side the stadium. Who can be a better entertainer outside, particularly in parties? Why do you think the selectors are called as wise men? They know my virtues yaar. Balle Balle !!

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