Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MTPL-Exxxtraaa Innings- Breaking News.

Breaking News:
McMahon, the effervescent chief of WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment), was seen recently at MTPL Head Quarters.
When contacted Mr.McMahon conveyed his appreciation over the recent MTPL activity and was all praise for their dramatics. Mr.McMahon opined that the WWE with a world wide coverage, is nowhere near the MTPL in terms of dramatics and action. He was keen on talking to the MTPL bosses Tharoor and Modi, for covering the MTPL action and broadcasting them in between WWE action matches, instead of commercials. He saw an immense trade opportunity, which may run to Trillions of Dollars.
The MTPL spokesmen were not available for their comments. Apparently they are keeping it as a close secret to be let out at an opportune moment.

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