Saturday, May 8, 2010

WC.T.20. Day.9. Match.17. New Zealand vs Pakistan. Super.8. Gr.E

In a nail biting finish, New Zealand 133 for 7, defeated Pakistan 132 for 7, by one run in the last ball of the match.

Pakistan won the toss and elected to bowl on a juicy wicket. Mohammad Sami, Abdur Rehman & Shahid Afridi, picked up the wickets. But the credit of bowling intelligently and tightly goes to Md.Aamer & Md.Hafeez They held on to one end, and the wickets kept falling at the other. B.McCullum 33 of 29, Daniel Vettori 38 of 34 and Styris 21 of 17 were the main scorers. Nathen McCullum, finished the innings with a six.

Pakistan were to score 133 at 6.65 runs per over. They were reduced to 58 for 5 by the tenth over. Salman Butt unbeaten on 67 runs of 54 balls and Abdul Razzak 29 runs of 29 balls, put on 53 runs in 48 balls for the sixth wicket.

At the end of the 17th over, Pakistan were 108 for 5 requiring 26 runs of 18 balls, with Salman Butt and Razzak going strong. Nathen McCullum bowled a brilliant 18th over giving away just four runs and consuming Razzak caught of a top edge, by Taylor at deep mid wicket.

At the end of 18 Pakistan required, 22 of 12 balls still gettable. The 19th over by Mills, eleven runs were taken, a first ball six by Butt followed by five singles.

20th over, and Pakistan required 11 from six, with Butler bowling. Ball one was a well directed bouncer and no run, and no wide. Ball two, Butt top edges through third man for four, knowing the third man was up. A classy shot. Seven of four. Ball three, a good fast ball at 136 km, Butt misses, no run. Seven of three. Ball four, Butt charges, and slashes Butler, over point boundary for a four, with the sweeper cover Styris giving a chase and missing out at the rope. Three of two.Ball five, Butt misses the ball but runs for a bye. Hopkins late in throw, but hits the stumps, with Abdur Rehman in. Two of one. Ball Six. Every one were tense,what if Butler bowls a wide or no ball ? Butler keeps his nerves, bowls a length ball aimed at the pads. Rahman swings, but caught at deep square leg by Guptil, a simple catch.

Pakistan lose by one run ,and are out of T.20 World Cup 2010. What a match. Butler deservedly was the Man of the Match.

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