Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ICC-CWC.2011- Match.25.Gr,A. Netherlands vs India

As a general match reporting, India 191 for five in 36.3 overs, beat Netherlands 189 all out by a massive margin of five wickets and over 14 overs to spare. India leapfrogged to the top of the table in Group.B. with seven points in four encounters. Yuvraj was declared Man of the Match for his half century and two crucial wickets.

The report is nice to read. But the fact is we have struggled in almost all matches. Initially it was in the bowling front, and in the last two matches, batting too.

The Indian team of fifteen, has seven batters, four right handed and three left handed, a wicket keeper bat, four medium pacers,two left arm and two right arm, three spinners comprising of two off spinners and a leg spinner. The team composition, technically looks very sound. Probably a left arm spinner could have replaced a Off spinner.

On batting front, the combination is of three constructors, three stroke makers and two finishers. All of them are good fielders too. 100% in this area.

Among the pacers, Zaheer is a match winner, and a reasonable bat. an average fielder, with a good throwing arm.

Munaf is good at start overs, but suffers in death, due to lack of pace. He seem to be dropping in pace match after match. He does not have the right attitude while fielding and is a terrible fielder. in fact he just does not try. He is poor batsman.

Nehra, is good when there is the movement of the pitch. His away seaming deliveries, which go with the arm, delivered wide of the bowling crease, are all wicket takers. But such things are not consistent. More often, he bowls, shot pitched, out side the off stump deliveries, the batsmen are quick to pounce upon. He is a wretched fielder, and will not get in to even junior division teams on fielding strength. Poor batsman.

Sreesanth, is a rhythm bowler and will be unplayable, when he gets his line. Good user of the seam. Reasonably pacy and can exceed 140 plus, when ever required. A good fielder, with a good throwing arm. Reasonable bat. But he is emotionally temperamental, and needs to be controlled. The most negative factor is that his skipper does not seem to be be supportive, and is openly critical. This will play on any one's mind. On the pace bowler front, the team gets 50%

Among the spinners, Ashwin is the loan spinner, who has fighting qualities. Age is factor, which is in his favour. Very polite on the field , good fielder and a reasonable bat. He could control the run rate at any stage of the match. He however does not seem to be the skipper's choice.

Piyush Chawla, a wrist spinner, and a rare commodity. He is young and can turn the ball miles. The problem, is that he came in to the squad with out any international match practice. He is good bat and a good field. If pursued with, will turn out to be a star of tomorrow. But for the day he is struggling.

Harbhajan Singh, the offie in the team is a good fielder, reasonable bat, and a trier. But as a wicket taking off spinner, He has always been overrated. He can check the flow of runs, and most of the international players have learnt to play him off, with out losing wickets.

On the spinners front if Ashwin and Harbhajan are played, 60%. Harbhajan and Chawla are played 40% and Ashwin and Chawla are played, a fair chance of 75%.

Considering , the current team of eleven taking the field, the over all will be around 60%. This is the reason why, the men in blue are winning matches, but at the same time with lot of struggle. The opponents, they have faced till now, were ether minnows, or teams with worser combination.

What will happen, if we have to meet a balanced combination. The think tank will have to flexible non emotional and seriously consider a good team combination, from what is available.

Wish for the best. We want the men in blue to win the CWC 2011. Come on mates do it, at least for Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest master ever. Look at him and learn from him.

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