Friday, April 1, 2011

DLF.Indian Premier League.4. 2011 - Just a peek.

Eighth April 2011, is just around the corner, and it is time for the exciting IPL4, with the first match kicking off on 8th April, between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkatta Knight Riders, at Chennai.

The series, extending over seven weeks from 8th April, culminates with the Finals at Mumbai on the 28th of May. According to the format, there would be 74 matches in all, 70 of them at the league stage. Each team would play at least 14 committed matches. Out of the 14 games, 7 would be at home and 7 would be away.

There would be two groups of five teams each. All though two groups have been created, it would not be shown separately in the League points table. 1) Each team from one group, will play rest of the teams from the same group twice, one home and other away for a total of 8 games. 2) Each team from one group will play four teams of the opposite group, either at home or away for a total of 4 games. 3) Each team of one group, will play 2 games, with one of the predetermined teams (selected at random) of the other group, one home and one away for a total of 2.

This way all teams play 70 and the play off starts thereafter. Three playoff matches will be played named Game:A, Game:B & Game:C. The fourth match would be the finals between, winner of Game:A and winner of Game:C.

Game:A. Between the first and the second teams spotted in the League Table.

Game:B. Between the third and fourth team spotted in League Table.

Game:C. Between loser of Game:A and winner of Game:B (Semi Final)

Final : Between winner of Game:A and winner of Game:C.

Loser of game:B and Game:C, are out of the competition straight away.


Winner of Game:A. gets directly in the final.

If the loser of Game:A, wins Game:C., they reach the finals.

If the winner of game:B, wins Game:C. they reach the finals.

The League format to determine the finalists is a little confusing. Overall the exciting fact is. winner of Game :A. qualifies without any further ado. Winner of Game:B, still is not assured of finalist berth till they win Game :C too.

When the start table formatting itself is dizzy, it is going to be dizzier and frenzied as the IPL4. progresses. Will see you soon, with serious match reporting on IPL 4 and tid bits & gossips in Exxxtra Innings.


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