Saturday, April 2, 2011

ICC-CWC-2011. Finals. India vs Sri Lanka

Hail India
ICC CWC 2011 rightfully belonged to India, and that is what happened. In a well fought finals, India 277 for 4 beat Sri Lanka 274 for 6, by six wickets, to snatch their second world cup triumph in three final attempts coming after 28 years.
If it was Kapil's Devils in 1983, it was Dhoni's Dare Devils in 2011. Dhoni played gem of an innings when mattered. There was never a doubt of India losing, in spite of two early loss of wickets.What a crowing glory for Sachin, the master blaster. Over all congratulations, India. You deserve this, as you have the best cricket team in the world. Will report more leisurely as it is time to celebrate and nothing in the world can stop me from my glass of Champagne.

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  1. We won the world cup. I had enjoyed this match very much. I never forgot this moment in my life.